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Telus Convention Centre - Calgary, Canada

2023 Strategic Program Speakers

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Roland Plett

Business Development Manager, Energy and Mining
Cisco Systems

Roland leads the Oil & Gas and Mining solutions practice at Cisco Systems. In that role he brings together the products of Cisco and its partners in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries. He loves moving valuable business data from the dirtiest and most hazardous environments on earth to the operator screens and applications of Cisco customers. Over the last 25 years Roland has been an active part of the data networking industry including 8 years at Bell Canada and 13 years at Cisco Systems.

In recent years, Roland has participated in multiple energy and mining infrastructure projects for customers around the world. These customers include oil producers, gold mines, and international pipeline companies. His most significant challenges have been designing wireless solutions for autonomous vehicles and bringing together converged secure networks for multiple OT stakeholders.

Roland works closely with multiple industry stakeholders to ensure customers can realize business value as soon as possible while they transition to new communication strategies.

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